Treat Your Son to a Stunning Haircut

We offer haircuts for kids in Lubbock, TX

Your little one will love getting a haircut at Brizzy Joe's Cuts.

We provide haircuts for kids in Lubbock, TX. Your son will enjoy sporting the latest trends in men's hair, like a skin or shadow fade. We can also give your child a nice and clean line-up.

Let us know the look your little one has in mind, and our stylist will get to work. Stop by our barbershop in Lubbock, TX for a kid's haircut today.

Don't overlook your kid's haircuts

Has your son had a haircut recently? If the answer is no, it's time to pamper him at our barbershop. Our haircuts for kids are perfect to:

Get cleaned up before an important life event or milestone
Help him feel confident and strong
Let him explore different style and fashion ideas

Just because it's a kid's haircut doesn't mean our stylist will skimp on quality. Your son will leave the barbershop looking handsome and prepared to take on the world. Ask us any questions about our kid's haircuts when you speak with our stylist right away.